Value Added Services

Value added logisticsOne of the main activities of Hopman Logistics Services involves Value Added Logistics (VAL activities). This means that complementary services are added to the logistics process for products.
These additional services are quite diverse and make the entire logistics process easier for you.

Value added logistics involve various activities, think around repacking of goods, labeling, pricing, assembling, checking and more.
From this perspective Hopman Logistics Services can handle the entire process for you.
Starting with the ordering until the product has been delivered.

In taking care of this process a lot of work can taken out of your hands. There is the possibility to store products at our location. This will increase the speed of handling since everything is on hand. This also saves you storage space at your location.

Your advantages of value added logistics:
ikoon-check-blauw10 You can deal with your core-business
ikoon-check-blauw10 The entire logistics process is being taken care of
ikoon-check-blauw10 You realize savings on the cost of personnell and storage
ikoon-check-blauw10 Our many years of experience offers advantages in working efficiently and effectively
ikoon-check-blauw10 Together we evaluate customized solutions

Customer oriented with customized solutions

LabelenMany years of experience have learned us that every client is different and requirements can be quite diverse. With our logistics services we are pleased to figure out how to unburden you. With the employees involved and the availability of the right facilities, we have the optimal capabilities to handle various activities.

Whether we take care of specific parts of your logistics or handle the entire logistics process, you can be sure that your product arrives at destination, configured and packed correctly.
We work with customized solutions in order to best meet your requirements and unburden your logistic processes.

Designing a most efficient logistics process is obviously very advantageous but how can our VAL-activities contribute to this ? Please contact us and we will tell you. You will see that you will gain a lot of profit by optimizing your logistics process with the help of Hopman Logistics Services.

Please let us inform you about the possibilities.