Reverse Logistics

Reverse logisticsReverse Logistics is a specialism which is focused on return of goods. These can be products which a customer after all did not want to buy, defective products, total recall of products or elsewhere. There is a variety of reasons and ways of return of goods and that is what Hopman Logistics Services can handle for you.

As soon as the returned products are received a quality check will be performed.
Depending on the requirements of the customer action steps will be taken. This can be for example a reparation a reset or a return to the supplier.
This is a process that can be substantial time consuming and in this Hopman Logistics Services is your solution.

Reverse Logistics in addition are an integral part of web logistics. Web shops are inevitable nowadays and this is expected to grow in the coming years. For customers it is convenient to place orders from home and for the seller it is cheaper than running a store.
Behind a web shop there is a logistics process and Hopman Logistics Services handles the webshop fulfilment.

By outsourcing of the reverse logistics Hopman Logistics Services handles the (entire) process thereby taking away the burden for you.
Through this you have the opportunity to focus on your core-business instead of spending much time on this piece of logistics that your company is faced with.

Hopman Logistics Services handles reverse logistics like:

ikoon-check-blauw10 Check on returned goods
ikoon-check-blauw10 Repair of damaged products
ikoon-check-blauw10 Check on number and quality
ikoon-check-blauw10 Prepare action products for re-use
ikoon-check-blauw10 Check on re-call products and re-package
ikoon-check-blauw10 Re- stickering/re-labeling

In many cases we try to add value again to the products that were returned through reverse logistics. In this way, the service we provide changes a cost item in a sale.

Handling of your Web Logistics by Hopman Logistics Services.

Within reverse logistics Hopman Logistics Services specializes in web logistics. With the growth of web shops the handling of returned goods increases significantly. This can become a time-consuming activity and Hopman Logistics Services can be the ideal solution. You will save substantial time and money this way. Logically web logistics goes further than just reverse logistics as in addition we offer value added logistics.

Once outsourcing your weblogistics and reverse logistics Hopman Logistics Services will handle the logistics process for you. You can focus on your core- business, while we professionally handle all logistical incidentals in the background.

Non-committal advice on savings from Hopman Logistics Services.

We already handle the reverse logistics process for several clients and would happily be getting to work for you. Together with you we will evaluate all possibilities and opportunities. You can make an appointment fort his without any commitment. We would like to meet you and to tell you about reverse logistics and what we could mean for you. We offer you appropriate customized solutions as well as we can handle the entire process for you. See how much you could save and make an appointment.

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